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76 MGB - what operating temp

To: MG Mailing List <>
Subject: 76 MGB - what operating temp
From: Tyson Sherman <>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 14:09:20 -0500
I have a 76 B and for weeks have been having
problems with the operating temp.  I am unable to
keep the gauge below 3/4 (standard electric
guage).  I removed the rad cap slowly with the car
idling at 3/4 on the gauge, and measured 189
degrees F at the filler neck.

So I ordered a new sender and replaced it.  Today
at 3/4 on the guage, it was around 195F.

I am in Mississippi where the temp today is around
98F and I have a 180 thermostat in the car.  What
kind of temps should I expect to get, and where
should 'N' on the guage be?


Tyson Sherman
ICQ# 10494960

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