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Anyone In NYC Area? Non emergency help needed.

Subject: Anyone In NYC Area? Non emergency help needed.
From: "Michael Graziano" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 16:46:27 PDT
Hey folks.  I have a general request for help.  In person.  THere comes a 
time in every shadetree mechanic's life when he just doesn't know.  And I've 
reached that point with my ignition system.  If there's anyone in the NYC 
area who has a few hours free tomorrow (Sunday) and knows a bit about 
electronic ignitions and refitting a distributor,  I've got a few cold 
heinekens (sp?) and a free meal as payment.

A while back I realized I had a 6 cylinder chopper in my Midget 1500 
(Lumenition Ignition System).  I purchased the 4 cylinder unit,  but the car 
just didn't seem to run right.  THe first day,  there was plenty of power. I 
even had it up to 80 on the highway.  Then is began so seem as if it was 
loosing power.  THen my #2 cylinder stopped firing correctly.  Now it won't 
even start.  It has a new coil, new wires, new NGK plugs, new cap and rotor.

I think there might be a problem with the dizzy.  I tried to static time it, 
  but when the chopper tells the ignition system to fire with the engine at 
10BTDC,  the rotor is nowhere's near the pickup in the cap for the #1 
cylinder.  Something must be realigned and I'm just not sure what.  I just 
don't have the "This is right", and "this is wrong knowledge" to be sure of 
what I'm doing.  So if anyone has a few hours to take a look, and hopefully 
teach me,  I'd be really appreciative.  Heck,  at this point, even a live 
phone call as I worked would be helpful.


'78 MIdget
'87 300ZX

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