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Re: Anyone In NYC Area? Non emergency help needed.

To: Michael Graziano <>
Subject: Re: Anyone In NYC Area? Non emergency help needed.
From: Philip Schulert <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:27:06 -0700
  I had this problem on 66 E Type I was burning up distributor caps and rotors.
Called Pertronics and after much troubleshooting found that PO had installed
wrong distributor they traded out systems no charge. I would call with the
dist.# and ign.# before spending HR on phone checking ign.Car runs great now.

   Philip Schulert

Michael Graziano wrote:

> Hey folks.  I have a general request for help.  In person.  THere comes a
> time in every shadetree mechanic's life when he just doesn't know.  And I've
> reached that point with my ignition system.  If there's anyone in the NYC
> area who has a few hours free tomorrow (Sunday) and knows a bit about
> electronic ignitions and refitting a distributor,  I've got a few cold
> heinekens (sp?) and a free meal as payment.
> A while back I realized I had a 6 cylinder chopper in my Midget 1500
> (Lumenition Ignition System).  I purchased the 4 cylinder unit,  but the car
> just didn't seem to run right.  THe first day,  there was plenty of power. I
> even had it up to 80 on the highway.  Then is began so seem as if it was
> loosing power.  THen my #2 cylinder stopped firing correctly.  Now it won't
> even start.  It has a new coil, new wires, new NGK plugs, new cap and rotor.
> I think there might be a problem with the dizzy.  I tried to static time it,
>   but when the chopper tells the ignition system to fire with the engine at
> 10BTDC,  the rotor is nowhere's near the pickup in the cap for the #1
> cylinder.  Something must be realigned and I'm just not sure what.  I just
> don't have the "This is right", and "this is wrong knowledge" to be sure of
> what I'm doing.  So if anyone has a few hours to take a look, and hopefully
> teach me,  I'd be really appreciative.  Heck,  at this point, even a live
> phone call as I worked would be helpful.
> Michael
> '78 MIdget
> '87 300ZX

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