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Re: 57 MGA Binary Fuel Guage

To: "Pleczko, Rick" <>, <>
Subject: Re: 57 MGA Binary Fuel Guage
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 19:20:59 +0100
Have a look at (or if that URL
doesn't work try and select 'Spanners' and
'Gauges'.  It's written for the B but might help.


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From: Pleczko, Rick <>
To: <>
Date: 16 August 1999 21:23
Subject: 57 MGA Binary Fuel Guage

>The fuel guage on my '57 MGA operates in binary mode, i.e. it either reads
>full or empty irrespective of what is actually in the tank.
>Any suggestions on how I can turn it back into a regular analog fuel guage
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Cheers, Rick
>Rick Pleczko
>Vice President, Product Management
>Mission Critical Software
>(713) 548-1785

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