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RE: engine dismanteling help

To: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Subject: RE: engine dismanteling help
From: James Nazarian Jr <James.Nazarian@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 11:45:48 -0600 (MDT)

> > 
> > One other thought, is it dangerous to lift the engine out by 
> > the head bolts??
>       With the head removed the studs do not have enough support and will
> bend.  If you plan to replace them, ok.  The block threads are strong
> enough, and the block will not warp.
>       Have fun.
> Kelvin.
I have made a brace out of a 2x4 drilled through the narrow side.  If you
drill one hole on each end, spaced to fit over two of the head studs, and
then shave about 3/4 inch off of the ends where the studs would come
through this will make a perfect brace to support the studs when pulling
the engine.  We have used this about 15 times on engine/tranny removals
and installations and no problems yet.

stud ___________ stud 
 _|_|           |_|_
|                   |
|                   |
James Nazarian
'71 B roadster
'74 BGT bastardization with big aluminum heart :)
'63 Buick 215 cubic inch 'heart'

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