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Re: Back in the fold

To: "Michael S. Lishego" <>
Subject: Re: Back in the fold
From: Carl French <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 22:33:31 -0400
>         What was a shock was the price quoted to me for bodywork - over $5000!
> When asking why, my greatest fears were revealed - when the DPO redid
> the sills, he forgot to keep the car in alignment.  Not only were my
> door gaps off by about a half an inch, but the subframe was also out of
> line.  Add to this the fact that my bodyman (who happens to be a
> relation) found that the car was about 60% putty, and I have a recipe
> for a new MG!
>         I'm not selling mine, I have too many good memories in it.  What i am
> planning on doing is getting a heritage bodyshell. 
I assume that the price qouted includes paint. A new Heritage bodyshell
is 5k which does not include shipping (The truck freight box alone is
$500,{you have to pay for the box it comes in}) Then you are looking at
an immense reconstructing job EVERY NUT AND BOLT. Then you still have to
paint it. When you are done I do not think you have 'your' car anymore,
where is the soulf of it? I would lay out the money to get yours fixed
right, It is probably cheaper, and much more rewarding.
Carl F
67B Fixed it right last year.

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