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Re: Back in the fold

Subject: Re: Back in the fold
From: "Michael S. Lishego" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 23:08:46 -0400
> I assume that the price qouted includes paint.

Actually, no.  He said that would be extra, depending on the type of
paint and finish I want...And remember this is coming from a relative -
he'd be in for some trouble if he was gouging me!  (This doesn't include
his price for tearing the car apart - this price is for bodywork done to
a basically bare shell.)

 A new Heritage bodyshell
> is 5k which does not include shipping (The truck freight box alone is
> $500,{you have to pay for the box it comes in}) Then you are looking at
> an immense reconstructing job EVERY NUT AND BOLT. Then you still have to
> paint it. When you are done I do not think you have 'your' car anymore,
> where is the soulf of it? 

The soul would probably be in the same place, in the glove box, under
the bag of gummi bears.  ;-)  Seriously though, I think it would be a
great bonding experience to tear the car apart and put it all back
together again.  If you think about it, getting it redone would probably
entail just about the same amount of work, since they'd have to rip out
the floors, sills, etc.  When I'm done, if the car doesn't have enough
soul from the blood of my bashed knuckles in it, it never will!

One thing I noticed about 'soul' and 'feel' is that it changes everytime
you make a modification to the car.  It changes the car's personality,
and it's never the same again.  When i installed new seats this spring,
the feel of the car changed, and so did it's character.  Once I was used
to the new feel, it was like things hadn't changed.  But I do see your
point; it's like the question of the 200 year old wooden ship:  if every
board is replaced in a restoration, is it still a 200 year old ship?  

I would lay out the money to get yours fixed
> right, It is probably cheaper, and much more rewarding.
> Carl F
> 67B Fixed it right last year.

Mike Lishego
Media Coordinator
1986 Plymouth Turismo T1
1974 MGB

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