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Shock prices

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Subject: Shock prices
From: "wizardz" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 08:17:20 -0400
I've been preparing myself to buy all new shock all the way around for my '73 GT
It looks like  Moss wants nearly twice as much for NEW front shock as 'The 
Proper MG'
NEW - TPMG -  $89.50 while Moss lists $194.95  
REBUILT - TPMG -  $64.?? while Moss lists $84.95

MY QUESTION:  If TPMG is asking for new, what Moss asks for rebuilt,
is TPMG worth trusting to honestly get NEW and not have them send rebuilt?

I've never ordered from TPMG...are they reputable? Service? Delivery Time table?

Paul Tegler
1973 BGT - Daily Driver 

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