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Shock prices

Subject: Shock prices
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:26:11 -0500
Check this place out for rebuilt shocks. Haven't used them yet but plan
to soon.

Quote received from Peter C as follows:
Pricing:   Fronts  $59.95 each + refundable core deposit of $40.00 each
             Rears   $47.95 each + deposit of $30.00 each
        Core deposits refundable so long as the shock is not broken/cut or
        Partial credit for anything less.
Freight:  12lbs each front and 8lbs each rear.  
Product:  Completely remanufactured. Machined for bearings (none
originally), rotary oil seals (packing originally), shafts stainless
sleeved, valving and pistons cleaned and reworked as necessary, new bolts
and nuts (w/ anti-sieze), new screws, primed and painted high heat black
        We are very proud of our shocks and have been recommended highly by some
very respected shops and individuals. I know you'll be very happy, if you
aren't, I'll make it right.
        Thanks again, Peter C                     Call me if you wish 800

World Wide Auto Parts
2517 Seiferth Rd., Madison, WI  53716
(800) 362-1025     Fax (608) 223-9403

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