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Re: Fwd: Wheel colour and T.D.C. question

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Subject: Re: Fwd: Wheel colour and T.D.C. question
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 20:40:41 -0700
I think you're misinterpreting the book. If you have clearance between 
the valve stem and the rocker (this is where you measure your valve 
clearances), the valve is closed. had this to say:

>Also, I am trying to replace a distributor drive for my car. The book says 
>line the grove in the crank pulley with the pointer, this puts the 1 piston 
>at t.d.c. The book says the 1 valve gear should have clearance and the 4 
>valve gear should rock. The book says the 1 piston should be on the 
>compression stroke. It does not make sense that the 1 cylinder should have 
>valve clearance (does this mean open?)and still be on the compression stroke.
>Thanks for any help
>65 MGB


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