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MGA rear axle seals

Subject: MGA rear axle seals
From: Float-by Shooter <>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 12:43:25 -0800 (AKDT)
I am helping my dad restore a '60 MGA 1600 with disc wheels and have run
into a snag while working on the rear end.  The oil seals in both rear
hubs were leaking and need to be replaced, but they are between the wheel
bearing and a shoulder on the hub, and apparently can't be removed without
taking out the bearing.  The bearings still move freely and seem to be in
good shape so if possible I would like to save them, but I don't see any
way of getting them out of the hub without tweaking them.  2 possibilities
we have been discussing involve making a fixture for the hydraulic press
to press them out, but only the inner part of the bearing is accessible
and the side load would likely destroy the bearing.  The other idea was to
heat the hub so that maybe the bearing would drop out with light tapping.
Neither the BMC nor Haynes manuals have much to say about them.  If I have
to destroy the bearings to get at the seals then I will do that but I'd
like to avoid that if possible.

I performed the same operation (seal replacement) on my '59 1500 with wire
wheels several years ago without messing up the bearing, but I can't
remember how and I think it was arranged differently.  Any hints, tricks,
or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Del Rawlins--        
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