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Re: Distributor Problem

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Subject: Re: Distributor Problem
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 17:26:36 +0100
I would expect to get a *minimum* of 50k from distributor and SUs, and would
not be surprised at 100k with normal care and attention.  If your
distributor has gone sloppy after 3k then either it was duff to start with,
or it has got very poor quality bearings and has worn - reputable supplier
or not - or it wasn't lubricated properly when it was first installed.

FWIW I find just a couple of turns on my SUs - both HS4 and HIFs - is enough
to move it from normal to either obviously too weak or too rich.  Could be
you have the wrong needles.

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From: Robert Zirpolo <>
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Date: 22 August 1999 01:41
Subject: Distributor Problem

>So sorry to ask such a vast question but I've got nothing to lose.  In
>July of last year I had a reputable repair shop install a new
>distributor into my 72 MGBthat. teh distributor was purchased from a
>very reputable national parts supplier .  Just recently I was having
>some ignition anomolies and brought it to the shop for some diagnosis.
>The end result was that the distributor shaft was moving back and forth
>and could not hold a dwell setting and the points were
>almost fully closed.  Since the installation I've put a little over 3000
>miles on the car. Not hard miles like rallys or racing,just local
>driving, 50% on the highway.  Not that I expect anyone to be clairvoiant
>about my particular problem......BUT, what "could" cause a problem like
>this?  What can I look at as a possible link?
>Also, I completely rebuilt my SU HIF's about 10,000 miles ago.  I have
>been lucky in that they have held the tuning and such but am wondering
>if there is an approximate time I can expect to get out of them before
>they would need rebuilding again. While on an engine analyzer recently a
>technician said he was having trouble getting the mixture rich enough at
>idle    before running becomes rough.
>Any help would be appreciated. e-mail me privately if you like.
>Robert Zirpolo

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