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Re: rain drops keep falling on my head

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: Re: rain drops keep falling on my head
From: Art Pfenninger <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 12:44:34 -0400 (EDT)
I have acatalog that sells a product that is put on threads of shoes to
seal them against water. If interested let me know ad I will looke it up.

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Paul Hunt wrote:

> Had the same thing on mine, used a general-purpose clear adhesive in the UK
> called 'Bostik'.  Hasn't cracked off (yet) in several years of the top going
> up and down.
> PaulH.
> (or if that URL doesn't work try   )
> (
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> From: Scott/Michelle <>
> To: <>
> Date: 19 August 1999 00:04
> Subject: rain drops keep falling on my head
> >I have recently installed a new vinyl top on my B, and it has a nasty habit
> >of leaking from the seam just above the zip out rear window. I was
> wondering
> >if anyone has a fix for such a nasty problem? To be precise the seam would
> >be the one that the rear tension bar sits closest to when engaged.
> >TIA
> >Scott
> >75 MGB
> >
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