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Re: ignition timing (now engine numbers)

To: "Paul Hunt" <>, "MG List" <>
Subject: Re: ignition timing (now engine numbers)
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 14:40:41 -0700
Clausager doesn't list my engine number, which is BHM 1109-228E. Can you 
suggest any other references?

Paul Hunt had this to say:

>If you get pinging/pinking when under load it is an indication that the
>centrifugal advance may be too high, which can be caused by stretched
>springs allowing max advance at too low an rpm.  An adjustable timing light
>is really useful for checking/plotting the advance curve and vacuum advance.
>By contrast, pinging/pinking on a light throttle can mean no more than the
>timing is set too advanced.
>Clausager has a comparison list for Gold Seal or other pukka replacement
>engines.  For example, and to pluck one out at random, he states that a 48G
>393 is a rebuilt 18GB low compression with manual gearbox.
>(or if that URL doesn't work try   )
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>From: Max Heim <>
>To: MG List <>
>Date: 23 August 1999 04:38
>Subject: Re: ignition timing
>>I have been operating on the assumption that I have a HC engine, I always
>>use 92 octane, and I keep it at 14 degrees. [The reason for the
>>disclaimer is that it's a BHM engine number ("Gold Seal" rebuilt) out of
>>a wreck, and I can't find a configuration reference for the number
>>series.] A while back I had a little pinging problem after my timing
>>light broke, but I got a new one, retimed it, fixed various distributor
>>advance failures, and since then no problems.
>>Larry Colen had this to say:
>>>What advance do people run on High Compression (9.7:1) MGB motors
>>>running the 92 octane fuel?  I think that I might be getting a little
>>>pinging in warm weather, up steep hills at 12 degrees BTDC set at idle.
>>>That's 2 degrees retarded from the specified 14.
>>>    Larry
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