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Re: Weird pull

Subject: Re: Weird pull
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 01:01:34 -0700
I checked the U-bolts holding the rear axle in place.  a couple were
a little bit loose, but nothing serious.  It did not fix the problem.
I did not see any broken leaves in the rear springs.  I did not
check the nylon (delron?) bushings in the rear shackles, but they are
fairly new as far as miles are concerned.  My suspiscion is that
if the rear end were bolted in crooked then it would pull on acceleration
worse than it does when coasting.  It's not a major pull, but it is
bothersome on at least an emotional level.

I also need to try to find a large, empty, level parking lot and see
if it has anything to do with the crown of the road.

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