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Re: Starting help needed - after Twist Detox

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Subject: Re: Starting help needed - after Twist Detox
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 19:30:59 +0100
If the plugs are sopping then it could well be flooded - try maximum
throttle and no choke.  Also make sure you have the spark at No. 1 when it
is at TDC, and the plug leads are fitted 1342 anti-clockwise.  Don't know
the Twist procedure - did you have to disturb mixture and timing?

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From: Bill Saidel <>
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Date: 25 August 1999 17:32
Subject: Starting help needed - after Twist Detox

>A question for those of you who have done the Twist detox on a 76-80 B or
>had trouble starting a B at some time..
>I followed all the steps of the Twist Protocl...all except to disconnect
>the tranny wire...
>1.   WHERE IS IT???
>But still...the engine now gets gas, plugs spark great and the engine won't
>catch.  Period.
>Two of us have not been able to get it to start even though it turns over
>and over and over.
>The plugs are soaked. So...
>1. electrical is ok
>2. gas is getting to chambers
>So what might be the problem...too much gas and immediately flooding the
>Any help would be greatly welcomed.
>Bill ('76B)
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