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Re: New MG owner

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Subject: Re: New MG owner
From: "Gordon Bird" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 15:02:21 -0400
Congrats on a car you will surely enjoy driving.  Below is a list of parts
suppliers and their URL's.  This was from an earlier post that I saved.
Moss -
Victoria British Ltd. -
Motorhead -
The Proper MG -
The Roadster Factory -  (No www)
Northwest Import Parts -

I would also recommend that you visit and look
around, even join.  Try and find a local club to join, I think you will find
them more than willing to share their knowledge on our beloved LBC's.
Gordie Bird
'62 MGA
'86 4000CS Quattro

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Subject: New MG owner

> I just bought a '79 MG Midget. I plan to pick it up this weekend. Are
> any 'gotchas' with this car that I should know about? Evidently, I have to
> put a rebuild kit into the master cylinder. Is that pretty easy? Also, the
> dash is cracked. Has anyone had any experience with the dash covers that I
> see advertised?  Any tips on good groups to join, or magazines to
> to?
> Michael Walter

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