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UK: Minis Everywhere!

Subject: UK: Minis Everywhere!
From: "Simon Matthews" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:34:44 PDT
I am back from my trip to India and the UK.

Managed to fit in a trip to the Motor Heritage Centre: Minis everywhere -- 
not only many on display, but there was also the International Mini Meeting 
that weekend, held at the Heritage Centre, with some 2000 (?) Minis 
attending from as far away as Washington State!

As one enters the museum grounds, there are a number of what appear to be 
statues on display, but a second glance shows they are actually metalworking 
machines, painted green. A nice touch!

I paid my respects to Old Number 1 and the other MGs on display.

Not many cars were displayed with open bonnets -- a shame, I thought. But 
clearly, many of the cars are driven periodically, which is good.

Around the museum are some cut-away displays (eg, half an MGBGT, some 
engines, etc). I finally understood what a side-valve engine is!

Held the following weekend was the celebration of the 40th anniversary  of 
the Mini -- with the meeting at Silverstone. I did not attend, but saw many 
Minis on the roads as I went near this venue.

Other sightings during my trip included many Reliant Scimitars and the new 
Lotus Elise, which is a stunning car.

While in India, I noticed that the Hindustan Ambassador seems to be in rapid 
decline -- somehow, however, India seen from the rear seat of a modern Opel 
(GM) Astra (mod cons such as A/C and electric windows) does not seem to be 
the same as India seen from the back seat of an Ambassador. Mostly small 
Japanese-designed cars are replacing the Ambassador.


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