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Re: UK: Minis Everywhere!

Subject: Re: UK: Minis Everywhere!
From: Tim Nagy <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 16:13:42 -0400
And I've only ever seen 6 up close, only this summer!  where can I get
one in Pittsburgh-kinda cheap! HAH!  I'm jeleous!

Simon Matthews wrote:
> I am back from my trip to India and the UK.
> Managed to fit in a trip to the Motor Heritage Centre: Minis everywhere --
> not only many on display, but there was also the International Mini Meeting
> that weekend, held at the Heritage Centre, with some 2000 (?) Minis
> attending from as far away as Washington State!
> As one enters the museum grounds, there are a number of what appear to be
> statues on display, but a second glance shows they are actually metalworking
> machines, painted green. A nice touch!
> I paid my respects to Old Number 1 and the other MGs on display.
> Not many cars were displayed with open bonnets -- a shame, I thought. But
> clearly, many of the cars are driven periodically, which is good.
> Around the museum are some cut-away displays (eg, half an MGBGT, some
> engines, etc). I finally understood what a side-valve engine is!
> Held the following weekend was the celebration of the 40th anniversary  of
> the Mini -- with the meeting at Silverstone. I did not attend, but saw many
> Minis on the roads as I went near this venue.
> Other sightings during my trip included many Reliant Scimitars and the new
> Lotus Elise, which is a stunning car.
> While in India, I noticed that the Hindustan Ambassador seems to be in rapid
> decline -- somehow, however, India seen from the rear seat of a modern Opel
> (GM) Astra (mod cons such as A/C and electric windows) does not seem to be
> the same as India seen from the back seat of an Ambassador. Mostly small
> Japanese-designed cars are replacing the Ambassador.
> Simon

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