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RE: U-Joints Question

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Subject: RE: U-Joints Question
From: "Andrew Errington" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 18:16:37 -0700

mine started with a metallic hammering sound on heavy acceleration, but soon
became more frequent.  I should have known what the problem was but I
ignored it for a while.  Since I didn't know what to look for I took it to a
shop and was told the u joints were v. bad.  The shop quoted me about $200
to remove the driveshaft, replace the U joints and refit it (they couldn't
see how bad things were, however).

As far as I can see the only bad thing to happen would be one end gives way
and you lose traction.  You might damage to diff. drive, or the transmission
output, but I don't think you would pole-vault or necessarily chew up the
tunnel, although it is a possibility.

I replaced mine with a scrap one in good condition.  Took me 3 hours, from
setting up to cleaning up.  I originally thought that it was too short by
1/4", but I just put the four bolts in the rear end and tightened them in
sequence a couple of threads at a time until the gap was closed, then I
tightened them down.

I took the old drive shaft to a shop, who said it wasn't worth repairing.
He said it would cost between $100 and $200 because the yokes were bent, the
bearings were cracked and the splines on the extending portion were badly
worn.  A new one from Mo$$ is about $160.

What I have learned: If you suspect the U joints, check them, or have them
checked.  Replace as soon as possible, and be prepared to spend $200 (I was,
but I got the scrap one for $30, yay).


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