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White Face Gauges

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Subject: White Face Gauges
From: Michael Graziano <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 13:48:12 -0400

I few people on my MG list are considering white face gauges for their B's.
Was it difficult for you to design white face gauges for the Z cars?  Would
you mind telling me a little about the procedures you used to produce them?
Or would you consider making a few for the MGB is you had some gauges to
work of?


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From: Jim Leutgens []
Sent: Monday, May 31, 1999 12:11 PM
Subject: <ALL> RE: Dash Covers & Pickup Bed Liners

> Al Wrote:

> So I'd rather have my dash "naked", treat it as needed, and be able
> to see it while I drive.  If it cracks, it cracks.  My car's not headed
> for the National Auto Museum.  I much prefer to see what the car is
> really like instead of some artificial cosmetic device.

I agree - if my car had not come with a cap, I wouldn't have one.  I've even
it completely off to see what was underneath - pretty cracked, but the worse
problem is
all the adhesive which is now part of the original dash - very hideous
I HAVE to keep the cap.

> Just to show you what a deviant I am - I'm incresingly
> UNimpressed with those silly pickup bed liners.  WHY???  The
> basic truth of a truck is: IT'S A TRUCK.  It was designed to HAUL
> things.  Putting one in a pickup really implies that you're using it as
> a big, gas-eating passenger car with limited seating....not a truck.
> If that's the case, you should drive an SUV or something that's
> more comfortable and gives you a covered spot for groceries.

I expect you'll get a lot of recoil on this one.  I lease my truck ('98
Frontier) for my business
and I USE it as a truck, which is exactly why I got a bedliner.  Dropping
an 800
lb load of scrap bricks
(which I did recently while building my house) into an unprotected bed will
destroy it, not only today, but down the
road with rust. THEN the dealership severely penalizes you at the end of
lease for what they call
"excess abuse".  This could amount to several hundred, if not well over a
thousand bucks in penalties.  $200.00
for a liner is cheap insurance.  Plus there's a fair chance I'll be able to
it in my next Nissan truck or at the very
least sell it.  I do agree, however, that you are deviant, or possibly very
wealthy ;)

Jim Leutgens

L6Z Performance, Inc
White Gauge Faces, High Intake Air Dams and Redesigned Interior Parts for
'69-'83 Z Cars

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