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RE: Brake fluids and rubber parts

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Subject: RE: Brake fluids and rubber parts
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 18:40:49 -0700
Thanks for the info on silicone fluid issues. I was unaware of this 
swelling problem. I was speaking of the 
problem. I deal with that by using Castrol LMA. I have never considered 
using silicone fluid myself, so I withdraw any implied endorsement.

Dodd, Kelvin had this to say:

>Not everything works with everything else.  Is about the only true statement
>on the Silicone brake fluid issue.
>This is all undocumented spouting, so take it for what it is worth.
>1.  All silicone fluids are not the same.  Rubber swelling ingredients have
>been added that have had good results and bad results depending on the type
>of master cylinder.  There is no way of knowing when and what were added to
>different brands at different times.  This means that as usual, sweeping
>generalities indicate lack of specialized knowledge.
>2.  In some applications, the swelling of rubber seals encountered with some
>types of silicone brake fluid can cause brake master cylinder problems.
>3.  It is well nigh impossible to completely clean out a used brake system.
>Any contaminants (such as water) in the system can congeal into gelatinous
>corrosive globs that can destroy a brake master cylinder.
>4.  Silicone brake fluid seems to hold up really well to long term storage.
>Much better than regular brake fluid.
>5.  Silicone brake fluid holds up so well to storage, that one can forget
>that the system was converted and top up with regular fluid.
>6.  Topping up a system with regular fluid immediately lets you know if the
>two types are really compatible.  Usually they are not.
>7.  Following long term storage, silicone brake fluid makes an excellent
>brake pad lubricant.


Max Heim
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