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69 MGB for Sale

To: MG List <>
Subject: 69 MGB for Sale
From: Steve Buche <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 22:51:49 -0700
Hello - as a new subscriber to this list, I am not sure if there are any
do's or don'ts concerning listing your car for sale.  I am sure,
however, that based upon some of the responses that I have seen in the
past many of you will be quick to help me see the error of my ways if I
blow it.

I live in the Portland area and have a 69 MGB for sale.  It is British
Racing Green with wire wheels (knockoffs.)  It runs well, little or no
rust, interior is rough, fairly new top, electronic ignition,
aftermarket shocks, - I believe that most of the rest of the car is
original with the exception of the frame and carriage bushings, etc.,
the sway bar (?) which was replaced with a "heavier duty" one, and the
rotors which were "cross drilled" and the appropriate brake pads - all
of which I have been told that the previous owner did prior to selling
the car to me.  There are shop manuals and some spare parts..

If there is any interest - please email me direct.  Thanks

Steve Buche
69 MGB

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