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Re: Carb flooding

To: Dave Houser <>
Subject: Re: Carb flooding
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 02:51:06 -0500
Dave Houser wrote:
> Folks,
> Thanks for the insight to my flooding/loss of power situation.
> Some further info I neglected to mention.
> –gas tank removed and cleaned out by radiator guy(don't think it's crud
> from tank)
> –blockage under needle valve suggestion( wouldn't that cause the problem
> at all speeds not just when I attempt to go over 3500 rpm?)
> I'm fine under 3000, try going over and the problem hits as soon as I
> exceed 3500.
> –Grose jets screwed down tight(one gasket under each jet from kit)
>   Is it that critical to get the 1/8" space under center of float?
> –worn out float valve(seems fairly new to me but will replace with new
> grose jet.
> –no holes in float
> –too high a pressure(stock new fuel pump for this year car, have had too
> many glorious drives for this to start pumping out at a higher pressure,
> but hey, it's an MG, who knows?)
> Will keep trying your suggestions and report back,
> Dave Houser

I had this *exact* same problem when I first put the Cooper S I bought
in 1996 on the road. It was a combination of engine vibration (normal)
and a too-high fuel-pressure from an after-market electric fuel pump
(ten pounds, way too high).

I added a $15 in-line pressure regulator from the local hot-rod shop and
set it at 2 pounds and never had the problem again.

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