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Subject: original?
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 11:23:01 EDT
In the USA the air pump was first installed on 1968 MGB.  This was the magical 
year for all emissions related and safety thingys.    

As for engine color and such, I have seen some "original" componets (gulp 
valves and hoses) that were obviously painted red/maroon and others that were 
obviously black.  I have also seen entire engine compartments painted black.  I 
have heard rumors that some dealerships would paint the engine black before 
delivery to the customer to hide oil leaks. 

You have to remember that the dealers in the 50-70s were quite different than 
today.  The dealerships would add options, repaint, and pick and choose parts a 
lot more readily than todays dealerships.  I have heard more than one story 
about "Original Owner" cars not being aware that their car was in fact 
repainted by the dealer before delivery.  Or thought that the luggage rack, 
chrome valve cover or radio were factory installed.  Not to mention the whole 
year of manufacture problem.

My point is that originality is in the eye of the beholder.  I myself like a 
multicolored engine bay with a red block, clearcoated natural head, black 
tappet cover, red heater hose, silver carbs, color matched engine compartment 
to the body, and my personal calling card, an orange oil dipstick.  Factory 
color combos? Nope, but I like it.


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