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Re: original?

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Subject: Re: original?
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 11:44:52 +1000

>"Original Owner" cars not being aware that their car was in fact repainted
by the dealer before delivery.  Or thought that the luggage rack, chrome
valve cover or radio were factory installed.  Not to mention the whole year
of manufacture problem.

Good grief, maybe thats why my GT, who we bought off the first owner in 86,
insisted it was a Black car originally, but on close inspection, it clearly
wasn't! All the boot area was green and the inside of the car, under the
dash etc. The motor had some black overspray on the rocker cover, probably
from a not so good masking effort. I thought that the owner must have  had a
brain fade to insist the car was always black or was trying to cover an
accident (but what accident would necessitate and ENTIRE respray of the
outside and engine bay of the car), but after reading this maybe he was
right... The original green was awful, I think it's called 'Racing Green'
but it's more like Bottle green - gross. It's now Jag Racing Green. Maybe
they couldn't shift the car, esp. in that colour...


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