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crankshaft bolt

Subject: crankshaft bolt
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 02:40:41 EST
I agree, but at the same time must Beg to differ, technically it *CAN* be 
done, I've pulled several crank pulleys with motor in place, with a good 1/2 
impact gun, decent impact universal,  short extention, and modest priced 
This is all I've ever needed to get the beast loose. (Your mileage may vary.)
Depending on your car (and they do differ...) you may or may not now be able 
to completely remove the pulley... tolerances do vary.
Of course, if you're doing the timing chain in place you're still better off 
space wise to pull the radiator, and with the engine mounts loose stuff sure 
comes apart easier. And by the time you get that far, you aren't more than 
another hour or two from pulling the motor... and so it goes... every project 
grows until it grinds to a halt completely!  :-) 

To the other poster, please don't start drilling holes through the pulley. it 
is actually the Harmonic Balancer, and is quite balance sensitive, can affect 
your whole motor, ... and is expensive to replace.
BTW if you have dreams of changing the cam and lifters while you're there... 
forget it. The cam simply doesn't come out without pulling the oil pump, and 
though the pan does come off with the powertrain hoisted up against the 
tranny tunnel, my experience has been that it's easier to pull the drivetrain 
than fight that particular battle. 

So Chris,  how's things at Uncle Charley's Summer Camp?
My sister graduated from there in 76, Banana Slug mascot t-shirt and all. The 
one thing I miss about living in the bay area is the easy access to S.Cruz. 
Best drive? The run up over Ice Cream grade from Felton to Davenport, down 
hwy1 to the west side, onto campus, up Empire Grade, and back down the 
twistys into Felton.... top down on a moonlit fall night.... oh and the Crepe 
Place still makes me salivate...

prior message:

From: Chris Attias <>

Unfortunately, using an impact wrench requires both removing the 
radiator and unbolting the engine mounts and jacking the engine up 
'til the tranny touches the top of the drive tunnel.

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