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Re: Moss MOtors - PArt 2

To: Bud Krueger <>, "James H. Nazarian" <>
Subject: Re: Moss MOtors - PArt 2
From: Albert F Jones <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 08:51:25 -0600
Well said Bud,

        Kelvin has indeed helped more than a few of us, both with his contacts
within Moss, and also with his own knowledge.  Thanks to Kelvin for a job
he is doing with tact and diplomacy.

Elizabeth Jones
Comfort, TX

At 09:23 PM 11/30/99 -0800, Bud Krueger wrote:
>Wait a cotton pickin' moment, guys.  You seem to be ignoring the fact that
we have an
>ombudsman here on this list and his name is Kelvin Dodd (please note the
>spelling).  Yes, he is a Moss employee and is one of this list's greatest
>There wasn't any 'divide and conquer', it was a courtesy on Kelvin's part and
>gratitude isn't even being shown.  Moss didn't take care of the problem,
Kelvin did.
>And it wasn't to avoid embarassment to Moss. He's just that sort of person.
>Bud Krueger
>James H. Nazarian wrote:
>> Hi Larry,
>> I'm glad to hear that Moss took care of the problem ( after it was made
public on
>> the list ). Should we all be wondering why it wasn't taken care of while
it was
>> still a private matter? or is there a simple explanation for that too?
>> One of the great benefits of the internet and lists like this is, it
returns a
>> little control back to the consumer. We've all heard of divide and
conquer; well,
>> it has gotten a little harder to divide us and conquer us when it is so
easy for
>> us to compare notes.
>> Jim
>> Larry Dickstein wrote:
>> > BOB HILL wrote:
>> >
>> > > Well after my e-mail, Kelvin Dobb from Moss Motors sent me and
e-mail and
>> > > has personally tracked everything down for me and it is just a
matter of
>> > > time until I see my refund.
>> > >
>> > > Since I brought the problem to the attention of the list, I thought I
>> > > shoudl bring the fact that Moss has handled it so well also to the
>> > > attention of the list.
>> > >
>> > > Moss has renewed my faith in customer service once again
>> >
>> > In the spirit of customer service, Kelvin helped me w/ a problem that
I had
>> > w/ my coil over suspension.  The first persons I talked to didn't help
>> > some reason--lack of knowledge, time, or you pick your answer.  Anyhow,
>> > Kelvin had some suggestions and the problem is now solved.  So my
>> > would be that if you get someone who cannot help, try again.  I
hesitate to
>> > suggest that you ask for Kelvin as I'm sure he has a lot to do.
Anyhow, Moss
>> > is now again on my good list!
>> >
>> > --
>> > Larry Dickstein
>> > Lone Jack, MO

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