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Re: Victoria British - Better than Moss Motors?

Subject: Re: Victoria British - Better than Moss Motors?
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 10:10:54 -0600
On Victoria British - Better than Moss Motors?,'s 
digits tickled the keyboard thusly:
>I saw several postings today on this list concerning the quality of parts and
>the credibility of Moss Motors. There were positive and negative comments
>from several parties (which one should expect). I am wondering what the
>general feelings are towards Victoria British. I live in Southwest Missouri
>(Springfield) and their facility is in the Kansas City area which is just a
>couple of hours away. I have not purchased anything from them yet, but plan
>to in the near future. Because they are relatively close to me this should be
>a big plus because I can actually look at the merchandise before I buy it.
>Any comments about Victoria British ?
>                 T-I-A.............Bill Dillstrom
>62' MK II MGA Roadster
>78 MGB Roadster

I usually deal with Moss. I have found that the quality of parts is 
better than VB, and that the sales people are hobbiests who know and 
understand the LBCs. VB makes a point of hiring non enthusiasts who 
talk less and take orders more. YMMV

Bob Shaw
Lincoln, NE
se's with a soft offer. Follow up with your interested
prospects with your hard offer-product, price, and time frame. Follow
up with them every 12 hours reminding them w

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