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Re: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!

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Subject: Re: Moss Motors?? what about Roadster Factory!
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 08:42:06 -0000
I needed two replacement Spax shocks for the rear of the V8.  For some
reason there are two different sizes of lower mounting hole, one for the CB
and one for the RB, and I had the CB kit on my RB.  I phoned MG Nottingham
who were about 10 miles from where I was working at the time, I said what
hole size I wanted and they said they had them.  Needless to say, when I got
there they only had the other ones.  Phoned Moss Oldbury (near Birmingham
UK) and a very snotty girl took my order and insisted on knowing whether the
car was an RB or a CB.  Foolishly, I told her it was an RB but I tried to
impress on her that I wanted the CB shocks.  Of course, the wrong ones came.
Back on the phone, some chap extremely apologetic who offered to bring the
correct ones out to me (about 15 miles).  He did so next day, but they were
the wrong ones again (wouldn't you he think he would've brought both just to
be sure?).  Most apologetic again, said at least he now had the right story
and would put the correct ones in the post as soon as he got back, which he
did.  So all credit to Moss Oldbury for persevering.


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> Hmmm..............this sounds familiar!
> We ordered two door handles in July, received just one of the two. That
> was defective so we sent it back.
> Our charge card was billed for two handles plus shipping.
> Same story - credit to our card was promised, also return shipping on the
> defective one. Numerous phone calls ensued. Eventually credit was given to
> our charge card in November. We weren't credited for the return shipping
> but, hey, I'm tired of wasting time on the phone.
> It seems TRF has some real problems....................
> Lawrie
> British Sportscar Center

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