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Re: Went and looked at the Midget

To: Bob Hill <>
Subject: Re: Went and looked at the Midget
From: Linda Gaubert <>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 06:14:39 -0500
Bob---is this car in the Croyden PA area by chance, just off route 13?
Sounds very familiar--I work near Croyden, over the summer a co-worker
told me of a guy with parts for my MGB--turned out to be a Midget parts to talking to the owner, who is a painter by trade, showed
me a car much as you describe....

Ed Gaubert
70 MGB
60 MGA
68 Morris Minor

Bob Hill wrote:
> Well I went and looked at the Midget that I wrote about last night and was
> actually pleased wiht what I saw.  FIrst off let me say that the two parts
> cars were not worth dragging home in my opinion but I was never really
> interested in them anyway.  So for the main vehicle.
> 1970 Midget, beautiful body and paint job.  The guy is a painter by trade
> and this car is gorgeous as far as paint and body goes.  The car is red an
> dhas a new black top.  Wire wheels and good tires.  All electrical works
> and the interior is fair to good - I would prbably replace most of it
> though but it is usable as is.  THe car had been sitting for a while but
> it cranked up fairly easily although it does need some carb adjustment.
> The engine has 67,000 miles on it, doesn't smoke and seems to have pretty
> good power (as well as any 1275 can be expected to have I guess.
> Overall the car seemed pretty good HOWEVER (there always seems to be a
> however!) the car wants to keep jumping out of 4th gear as you are going
> down the road.  It does not jump out each time but it does it on a regular
> basis.  So what does that mean?  Total rebuild of transmission or ???  How
> hard would it be to just find a good used one and replacing it - do I
> have to pull the engine to get to the transmission?
> Second question.  I guess I am strange but I do not like the wire wheels -
> I prefer the rostyle wheels.  How hard is it to change over to the
> rostyles?  I have access to hubs,e tc.  Is this a major ordeal?
> THe bottom line is I got the guy down to $1300 for the car and might could
> get it for a little less.  Based on what I have told you about the car, is
> this a good deal? Especially in consideration that I will have to put a
> transmission in the car?
> Thanks
> Bob

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