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RE: how come

To: "'Paul Hunt'" <>,,
Subject: RE: how come
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 11:12:23 +0100
Why are the USA spec. MGB's with the red portion of the tail light on top
and the indicator (orange) in the middle?



'71 BGT

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> > How come the brake and tail lights share an area and color while the
> turn
> > signal is much bigger and brighter.
> Why not?  I suppose it may stem from the fact that tail lights were the
> first used, then a brake light was fitted in the same housing hence they
> shared the same (red, in the UK) lens.  When illuminated indicators/turn
> signals first appeared they were of the semaphore type with orange lenses,
> so when flashing indicators came along they were fitted in the same
> cluster
> as the brake and tail lights but kept the same colour lens.  Just a WAG.
> > How come my British car shop left my tail lights disconnected 2 yrs ago
> when
> > they paited my car and this month wired the break and flashers backwards
> when
> > I took it back to repair minor ding. Isn't that what you would expect
> from
> > Macco?
> Who or what is a 'Macco'?  Don't sound like much cop to me.
> PaulH.

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