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Importing an MG-B Roadster

Subject: Importing an MG-B Roadster
From: "Plant, Keith" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 08:45:02 +0100
I'm currently in Italy for another two years and I'm hunting for a pre-'74
(Chrome Bumper, doesn't matter if LHD or RHD) MG-B Roadster.  Although I'm
finding this search increasingly difficult, I was wondering if anyone knew
what needed to be done to this automobile to make it a legal import into the
US?  I've been told mixed stories about the "25 year rule" but even the
people who are sure about that seem vague.  Does anyone on this list have a
clear answer or past experience with this situation?  Please let me know if
you would.  Thank you for your time.

Keith Plant

Desperately seeking MG-B

>From the desk of
Keith Plant
CEL +39-335-687-3043

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