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Snug-Top help

Subject: Snug-Top help
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 01:53:21 EST
Followers of the list,

I have just procured a Snug-Top fiberglass hard top for my '77 'B.  The 
windows are OK, but it lacks any weather stripping, and the brackets don't 
function properly.  
Can you recommend where I can find the proper seals and front brackets for 
the top?  I have gone to, but they seem obsessed with camper 
shells and Miata tops rather than supplying seals for their past models.  
Kelvin, you mentioned you might have some seals, or knew where to get them.

The gentleman who gave me the top (that's right, he gave it to me!) also has 
a fiberglass hard top for his bug-eye sprite.  This top also is lacking its 
weather stripping and I feel it would be a friendly gesture if I could get 
some seals for his top as well.  I don't know the brand of his top, but the 
latches for the windshield are molded into the outside of the top and it 
doesn't have quarter panel windows, simply the rear window.  

I thank you for your help in these matters,
Steve Sanchez
1977 MGB

PS.  What kind of protection does a fiberglass top afford the driver without 
a rollbar in the event of a roll-over?  Slim to none?

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