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RE: Was catalogs, now shipping.

Subject: RE: Was catalogs, now shipping.
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 14:14:06 -0800

        Moss does charge a shipping fee based on dollar amount, order value
shipping.  Until we get to the point that part dimensions and weights are
databased and tied to a shipping computer it is the only way to be able to
quote accurate shipping costs at Point of Sale.

        This method is pretty standard in the mail order business, so that
the customer can know when they order how much the total cost of the order
will be.  

        So long as the shipping charge is not being used to generate
profits, the order value system works pretty well for the customer.  You get
socked on small expensive items, but make it back on large cheap parts.  In
some cases Moss reserves the right to charge actual freight when the
shipping cost is way more than the order value charge.  Usually these are
only really big items where there may be a $50 or more difference.

        Look for a published order value shipping chart.  Most mail order
companies include this in their catalog.  Any that do not publish a chart
may have high hidden freight charges designed to increase profit.  Typically
any company willing to publish a freight chart is trying to charge
reasonable rates to offset actual costs.  Actual costs include the billed
cost of freight, (the only thing we are normally familiar with) packing
materials, the cost of the box (as high as $1.50), tape, and warehouse
packaging department variable costs.  Any of these costs not covered by the
freight charge have to be made up by the profit from the part.  Some
companies have a minimum order charge to reduce the number of low profit,
high cost orders.  Others have a scaled freight charge designed to cover the
higher cost/profit small order.  Personally I prefer the latter, as it is up
to the customer if they want to order one small, low priced part.

        From shipping my own car parts via UPS, I can get an understanding
of what it takes to pack and ship orders.  The UPS shipping charge is only
one cost of shipping a package.  The profit necessary to write off the other
costs gets to be pretty high.

being kinda verbose today.  I have a cold, so I can't speak very well.


> light switch or a fifty pound body panel).  Moss, I believe, 
> charges actual 
> shipping charges plus a base handling fee.
> All-in-all, Tony, I would say compare all your options and go 
> from there.  I 
> haven't had any trouble with their quality or service, so I 
> would patronize 
> them again.
> Good luck,
> Steve Sanchez

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