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Re: how come

Subject: Re: how come
From: Michael J Robson <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 19:37:02 -0500

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999 10:40:25 -0800 Max Heim <>
> Paul Hunt had this to say:
> >Who or what is a 'Macco'?  Don't sound like much cop to me.
> >
> >PaulH.
> Maaco -- franchise body & paint shop, slightly upscale from Earl 
> Scheib. 
Paul - doubtless Earl Sheib will also be a mystery to you - when i moved
here in 1980 there were TV ads for Earl Scheib where he stated that he
would paint any car any colour for usd29.95 (about 12 quid at the time!)
AND give you a diamond ring!!!!

I have seen some of the paint jobs - you could do better by wiping the
paint on with a rag

Maaco did a paint job for me about three years ago - it wasnt awful but
you wouldnt want to pay much more than the usd350 it cost!!

mike robson
69 roadster (painted by Albert Doelatip)
70 BGT (partially painted by Rob Cerrillo)
53 Riley (painted by fine British craftsmen in 1953!)
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