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Re: Z wheels

To: Larry Pitts <>,
Subject: Re: Z wheels
From: Jim Boyd <>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 07:12:03 -0800
Hey Larry:

The ability of the Z wheels to fit my '67 GT is what got me into the Z cars
in the first place!  There is a lot of selection of used Z aftermarket
wheels that are available at junkyards for $25 each!  As much as I
love/want minilites for my B (are you listening, Santa??), I have never had
the denaro to spring for 'em.  

Recently I missed a set of 4 minilites on a Z car that seemed in really
nice shape (I actually saw them!).  Tires were shot, but the set could have
been had for $100 bucks!  Nissan also makes a really nice 14" wheel that
has five spokes.  Its kind of a reserved wheel, but really updates a Datsun
510 or a MGB.  Those are readily available in my area for $20 each
everyday.  I have several 300ZXs which apparently have the same offset,
same bolt pattern, but are 15".  With a set of low profile tires, this can
be a "cool" setup.  the aluminum wheels are kinda "plain jane", though.

Most of the "street rodder" types have all gone to 16, 17 or 18" wheels.
That leaves a lot of good used stuff out there for those of us a "bit
behind the times."

Good luck in your treasure hunt!

Jim Boyd
Paradise, CA
At 05:30 AM 12/4/99 -0800, Larry Pitts wrote:
>I know the thread has been discussed before but I
>never paid to close attention as it didn't apply to my
>situation.( never say never.....). One of my
>co-workers has a beautifully restored 74 datsun 240z.
>He has a nice set of rims for the taking from the
>pre-restoration. I now have a 70 GT with rose style
>rims, in addition to my 73 ww roadster. Would the 240
>rims fit the GT?
>                      TIA,
>                     Larry Pitts

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