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any transmission gurus out there?

Subject: any transmission gurus out there?
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 12:40:56 -0700
My 71 BGT has some transmission problems. The tranny is actually a 72 OD 
unit that I acquired from a junkyard in 1985 and have been using since. I 
plan on pulling it out in the next week or two.

The symptoms - in first and third gear, the stick has some movement when 
rapidly accelerating or deaccelerating (does not pop out of gear yet). 
Biggest problem is shifting to second gear - normally it should stop 
securely in second but it feels like there is no stop and will start 
grinding if you do not gently slide it into second (it feels like it goes 
past the point that it should).

I was going to pull the transmission anyway this winter - speedo doesn't 
work and it looks like the problem is in the gear in the tranny itself.

I've never worked on the tranny outside of replacing gaskets and the OD 
solenoid. Is it easy to do the work? Its unlikely there are any experienced 
LBC transmission mechanics here in Montana, but I could be wrong.

67 BGT
71 BGT

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