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Re: 70 BGT advice

To: Tab Julius <>
Subject: Re: 70 BGT advice
From: Steve Darby <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 10:30:58 -0700
I have a 1970 MGBGT for sale, here in New Mexico. It is rust free and a 
project car. The interior is OK and the engine runs but is tired.
Steve Darby

Tab Julius wrote:

> Seems like a good deal if you want to enhance your rust collection.
> You can do better.
> If that's the rust you see, what about the rust you can't?
> Unless you're in the autobody business for a living (and I suspect not,
> otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question), I'd suggest keepin' on
> lookin'.  Check out:
> (plus many other sites)
> It depends where you live, but where *I* live, rust kills, and if you start
> with rust, you'll just end up with more, quickly.  Everyone tries to start
> as rust-free as possible.  If you live in New Mexico you might get away
> with existing rust, but particularly DC Metro on up, keep away.
> - Tab
> At 05:49 PM 12/4/99 GMT, Dereck C wrote:
> >For the past week I have been looking at a 70 bgt in the area (DC metro
> >area) and I am looking for advice on whether I should buy it.  The vitals:
> >
> >Plus:
> >Very strong engine, desmoged and nice cam
> >Very clean and complete interior (leather)
> >New paint in last couple of years
> >
> >Minus:
> >Rusted through driver floor board.
> >Rust near front of rear left leaf spring.  Bracket is solid.
> >Rust bubbling under paint of quarter panel behind drivers door.
> >
> >What is the cost of having a shop replace the floor board?  What would you
> >offer?  He wants 2000 and I offered 1500.  If I don't take it for 2000 he is
> >going to donate it to a charity.  Need to let him know by Sunday.
> >
> >It would be a complete luxury to purchase, seeing as I already have a 70 b
> >roadster and two other late model vehicles.
> >
> >Dereck
> >70 mgb
> >70 mgbgt paternal twin (car in question)
> >
> >
> >

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