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Re: 70 BGT advice

To: "Dereck C" <>
Subject: Re: 70 BGT advice
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 22:02:51
Seems like a good deal if you want to enhance your rust collection.

You can do better. 

If that's the rust you see, what about the rust you can't?

Unless you're in the autobody business for a living (and I suspect not,
otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question), I'd suggest keepin' on
lookin'.  Check out:

(plus many other sites)

It depends where you live, but where *I* live, rust kills, and if you start
with rust, you'll just end up with more, quickly.  Everyone tries to start
as rust-free as possible.  If you live in New Mexico you might get away
with existing rust, but particularly DC Metro on up, keep away.

- Tab

At 05:49 PM 12/4/99 GMT, Dereck C wrote:
>For the past week I have been looking at a 70 bgt in the area (DC metro 
>area) and I am looking for advice on whether I should buy it.  The vitals:
>Very strong engine, desmoged and nice cam
>Very clean and complete interior (leather)
>New paint in last couple of years
>Rusted through driver floor board.
>Rust near front of rear left leaf spring.  Bracket is solid.
>Rust bubbling under paint of quarter panel behind drivers door.
>What is the cost of having a shop replace the floor board?  What would you 
>offer?  He wants 2000 and I offered 1500.  If I don't take it for 2000 he is 
>going to donate it to a charity.  Need to let him know by Sunday.
>It would be a complete luxury to purchase, seeing as I already have a 70 b 
>roadster and two other late model vehicles.
>70 mgb
>70 mgbgt paternal twin (car in question)

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