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Re: Bought me a GT

To: Bob Hill <>
Subject: Re: Bought me a GT
From: "James H. Nazarian" <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 15:24:08 -0500
Congrats Bob,

You are now a member of the "buy one of each" executive committee.


Bob Hill wrote:

> Well as most of you know I went on a wild goose chance a week or so ago
> looking for a GT.  Well as fate woudl have it, I found on within an hour
> of my house and purchased it yesterday.  It is a 74 1/2 (yea I know some
> folks hate those but I like the looks of the rubber bumper cars).  THe
> body is perfect - not an indication of rust anywhere.  Paint is very
> presentable, interior is good except I will need to recover the front
> seats (rest of interior is very nice), 62K original miles, and has A/C.
> THe car will need a few things (tires and some wiring fixes as well as the
> A/C worked on) but overall the car is very presentable.  THe really great
> part is that I bought it for a lot less than what the guy was wanting for
> the one last week that I passed on.  I am going to pick it up this week.
> Thanks for all the advice and e-mails.  Just glad I found me one.
> Bob
> 79 MGB
> 77 MG Midget
> 74 MGB GT
> 97 Jaguar XJ-R

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