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Problem with my MG...

Subject: Problem with my MG...
From: Robert Haigney <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 13:37:06 -0800
I'm a new MG owner, I purchased a 69 MGB-GT,  I'm having a problem and was 
wondering if anyone knew what it might be, there's a knocking noise, it started 
just recently, I haven't driven the car since it started, the noise seems to be 
coming from the behind the engine and in front of the gear box, their is no 
problem changing gear and the car turns over fine, if you rev. the engine the 
knocking noise starts, and it's there when the car reaches a higher rev count 
in any gear (you can't go over 35 mph), you can't hear the noise when the car 
is idling, I had a mechanic look at it (not an MG man), he seems to think its 
the rod's in the engine, but I'm not sure, the sound doesn't seem to be coming 
from the engine, anybody have any ideas....?

Thanks, Robert.

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