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Re: Problem with my MG...

Subject: Re: Problem with my MG...
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 00:51:13
Totally depends on the mileage.  I initially grew up thinking X miles was a
"lot", but in later years I learned from my father was a salesman who put
on probably 30k to 50k miles a year.  I myself now do about 1000 miles a
week, though in a different profession.  My lesson learned is definitely
"quality, not quantity".

People who drive 50k a year will usually be scrupulous about changing the
oil, fixing problems when they occur, etc.  A car driven by someone at that
level is usually driven at proper operating temperature, with oil and
filters clean, etc.

On the other hand, a car driven 5k a year probably never gets an oil or
filter change, never really gets up to operating temperature, and may be in
terrible shape.

I've since learned to do math of miles+years.  A 1996 with 150k miles is
probably a good buy.  A 1978 with 40k miles may or may not be.

- Tab

> wrote:
>> At the risk of being pelted with bad connecting rods I
>> am going to throw this in the air...
>> Doesn't 60K-70K sound early for a rebuild? Especially on
>> the cars equipped with oilcoolers and O/D?
>> I have 2 1975 MGB's that are used for pleasure, have an
>> unknown history, over 100K on the clock and only 1 has
>> an oil cooler. Yet both run well and do not have
>> excessive blowby or oil consumption. My every summer day
>> car is not babied and the engine is probably the only
>> part that I have not had to perform repairs on (other
>> than regular maintenance). (My father has the other B on
>> extended loan).
>> All opinions welcome!!!!
>>                                    Robert Dusel
>>                                    75 MGB x 2
>> > Bob,
>> >
>> > How many miles on the engine? 60-70K miles or some multiple of that
will almost
>> > definitely spell rebuild time.

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