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Re: My 74 MGB Won't start Correctly it's Weird!!!

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Subject: Re: My 74 MGB Won't start Correctly it's Weird!!!
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 09:25:51 -0000
This is similar to the complaint that it will start but cuts out as soon as
the key is released, and only affects cars with 6v coil and ballast

What *could* be happening is that the ignition is connected to the accessory
terminal of the ignition switch instead of the run terminal - the accessory
terminal is disconnected from 12v while cranking.  This ould either be
because the wiring is incorrect, or possibly because the switch is failing
internally.  A quick visual check for this is to look at the ignition light:

When you turn on the ignition does the warning light glow?  If not, shame on
you!  You will have to get your voltmeter out and check voltages around the
coil.  If it does glow, is it still glowing during cranking?  If not then
the it looks like what I suggest above is happening.  If it continues to
glow then it is out with the voltmeter again.

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Subject: My 74 MGB Won't start Correctly it's Weird!!!

> Hello,
>    My name is Oren Persons I own a 1974 MGB Roadster that doesn't seem to
> starting the right way these days.  The symptom is simple when I turn the
> to get it to start it the starter motor keeps turning and the car keeps
> getting gas every thing seems normal but it won't turn over.  As soon as
> let go of the key from trying to start it she fires right over?  I don't
> understand it.  Any help would be appreciated.   E mail me at
>  I'm on my labtop at college.  Thank You very much

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