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Got my GT home

To: MG List <>
Subject: Got my GT home
From: Bob Hill <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 10:49:15 -0600 (EST)
Well got the GT home last night after a few glitches (ie the speeding
ticket for doing 59 in a 45 didn't help any - add $85 more dollars to the
cost of the car!)  

Very pleased with the car overall.  As I mentioned earlier, car in good
shape overall but does need some work.  WIll have to probably rebuild the
brake master cylinder as well as the clutch master and slave cylinders but
kind of expected with a car that has been sitting idle for a while.  THe
body is superb and the interior is presentable but will be redone.  Of
course the A/C will have to be reworked but at least it is there.

I do have a couple of questions for the group 

1)  On the rear hatch.  I know on a regular B you have to release the prop
but on a GT, it there something you have to release to get it down or
what.  Got mine up last night and having trouble getting it to close and
am afraid of breaking something - porbably just needs some grease but not

2)  Upholstery style.  I beleive the seats on this car have been recovered
before but not absolutely sure. Did the GT in 74 have basically the same
style seats as the roadster?  These have a cloth seat which I do not
believe were ever available in the MG's.  Looking at my Original MGB book,
I still can't seem to draw a definite conclusion.

3)  What is the best way to drain the gas tank?  I assume it will have to
be removed (which doesn;t seem to difficult) but if it can be drained in
the car that would be easier.  Of course, I probably shoudl just remove it
and have it flushed and treated I guess

4)  How hard is it to comvert the A/C system to the new Freon substitute?
I would like to convert the system over when I have it redone.

I plan on making the GT my regular driver and letting the wife have the 79
Roadster so I want to do this car right.  THe car has 62K miles on it and
runs good.  I f this were your car, what would you all do to it


79 MGB
77 MG Midget
97 Jaguar XJ-R

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