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Re: Smoothline

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Subject: Re: Smoothline
From: "gary & traci" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 22:44:25 -0500
about the only advantage of going to a glass hood on a mgb is that it is
easier to repair when it gets banged up. you are not going to notice much
weight differance to justify the cost diff.
 now if its a tr6 hood i would glass those things weigh a ton<g>
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From: Jon Lind <>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 1:57 PM
Subject: Smoothline

> Has anyone here had any experience with Smoothline body panels?  They have
> new fiberglass hood for $225 until the end of this year (list $475).  My
> hood is shot, and I was thinking of replacing it with a lighter material.
> The aluminum hoods are pretty expensive, so fiberglass looks like it might
> be a good option.
> Thanks.

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