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Re: Smoothline

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Subject: Re: Smoothline
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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 09:31:16 -0800
Oops, maybe a voice needs to be heard............

Not everyone says "they stink", Jon. We have fitted quite a few (to several
different cars, of course) over the last few years. All were purchased from
Moss, only one had a (fixable) problem and that was a crease caused during
shipping rather than a manufacturing defect. When installed and painted, all
looked well enough to make the customers happy - and, believe me, paying
customers are usually quite picky!

British Sportscar Center
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Subject: RE: Smoothline

> I keep hearing "it's not worth the extra money for the 'glass", but what
> extra money?  It's $225 for the Smoothline, which is less than than the
> OEM replacement, and only $75 more than the steel replacements which
> everyone here says stinks.
> Sounds like a bargain to me.  Of course, that's only until the end of this
> year, at which time the price goes back to being more than the steel OEM.
> <<
> OK, I can buy that. But does anyone have any actual weight figures for
> hoods? I would be interested in knowing how much I would be paying per
> pound saved, as it were.
> >>

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