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American MGB Association

To: MG List <>
Subject: American MGB Association
From: Bob Hill <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 09:58:42 -0600 (EST)
On November 1, I joined AMGBA via the internet.  I tried calling several
times and only got an answering machine.  So far the only thing I have to
confirm that I joined is that they quickly charged my credit card account
for the dues.  It has been almost 5 weeks and I have received nothing and
of course when I call them, answering machine comes on again.  For those
of you who belong to AMGBA, is this standard?  I also joined the MGB
Register ont he same day adn while I have not received anything, I at
least got an e-mail from the membership chairman stating that my materials
were on the way.  Anyone had trouble with AMGBA in the past?



77 MG Midget
79 MGB 
97 Jaguar XJ-R

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