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Re: Original MGB costs through the years...?

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Subject: Re: Original MGB costs through the years...?
From: "Tony Woodruff" <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 13:06:40 -0800
It's pretty clear I'm getting ripped off!

Actually, my only experience with current mechanic's rates is at the local 
Japanese car dealership, where I see posted signs when I'm there getting 
warranty work done (and redone, and redone again)

They are posting $55-60 per hour.  If you have a look in the engine compartment 
of my 1997 Nissan Quest van you'll see that they earn every penny.  I tried 
tightening a fan belt the other day and realized I needed to remove the A/C 
compressor (and attached lines) to get to it.

The belt still squeaks today....

- Tony -

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