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Door Mirrors-Concensus

To: "MG List" <>
Subject: Door Mirrors-Concensus
From: "David Hill" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 21:48:25 -0000
Hello All,

First, grateful thanks to those who replied to my query concerning the
placement of dorr mirrors on my BGT. The answers were as follows
(measurements from door top and leading edge of doorskin)...

Ray Easterby-7.5" x 1", mirrors cross reference to Moss Nos. 165-220 (L) and
165-250 (R). Nice man even sent me a .jpg.
Andrew Proudfoot-10" x 1", cross reference to Moss No. 165-135
Linda Gaubert-7" x 1.5/8"
Kelvin Dodd-mirrors stock on '74 to '80 cars.

Great info but unfortunately, it doesn't quite agree. Now, I'm not
desperately concerned about faultless originality but I *would * like the
mirrors to (a) be useable and (b) look something like right.
To me, the mirrors seem a little too high at 1" from the door top.

So, what do you folks reckon?  Any other bids?


Dave Hill

David Hill/Psychomotor
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